Are We There Yet?

It never fails. Five minutes into a car ride kids always seem to ask, “are we there yet”. And then they ask again, five minutes later. It doesn’t matter if the journey is 15 minutes or two hours. “Are we there yet” is on replay. They might not even know how to tell time or … More Are We There Yet?

Are You Losing It?

Many traders intellectually understand how setting and adhering to trade limits is sound trading strategy. However, when confronted with the inevitable, an actual trading loss, they totally lose all reason and don’t get out of the trade. So, why can’t some traders take the loss? What’s behind this self-sabotage? The belief that one might be … More Are You Losing It?

Keep Calm and Trade On

Have you ever found yourself uptight, anxious, and tense while trading–even in the middle of a winning or neutral trade It’s likely the result of a surge of stress hormones–adrenaline and cortisol. In my experience the source of the stress is not the trade, per se, it is what’s happening in your mind. The ideal … More Keep Calm and Trade On

Are You Okay?

I’ve worked with hundreds of traders and have heard this phrase said, “as soon as I start making money, I’ll be okay” countless times. Are you okay? I am asking because as traders we seem to have it backwards. We think that when we are successful in the market, we will be okay. It doesn’t … More Are You Okay?

Six Steps to Combat Addiction–The Secret Enemy of the Trader

Does Addiction Play a Role in Your Trading? Addiction is coming up more and more regularly as a topic when I work with traders, so I thought it timely to write about it. I’ve included some tips that might be helpful. If you have found yourself doing wild and crazy things trading, letting caution to … More Six Steps to Combat Addiction–The Secret Enemy of the Trader

7 Simple Tools to Tame Trading Emotions–Part 1

These seven simple tools can help you start taking control of your trading emotions. They cover aspects from your breathing, to your body. . .from meditating to journaling, and more. Perhaps, choose your favorite, and start working with it. Tool 1–Become the “Clerk” While Trading The Clerk is the part of you who should be executing trading orders … More 7 Simple Tools to Tame Trading Emotions–Part 1

How Long Does it Take to Become a Successful Trader?

We want to know! Traders want to know this! Different trading schools promise or estimate different answers, from 10,000 hours of screen time to a few days. There’s no shortage of opinions on the subject. A client asked the other day, in frustration, how long was it going to take him to finally get it? He’d been … More How Long Does it Take to Become a Successful Trader?

How Important Is Psychology to Your Trading Success?

For traders, it seems there is a continual search for how to trade better, how to find the instruments that will make the trading successful. Some call it the search for the Holy Grail. But, has anyone found it? The Holy Grail My conclusion from my own experience and that of other traders, is that the holy … More How Important Is Psychology to Your Trading Success?


Welcome to the Enlightened Traders blog! I have created this blog to assist you with the “inner game” of trading (the psychology). Through posts, questions, and stories, you can learn about your psychology, mindset, and beliefs affecting your trading. Enlightenment, a key to trading success It seems in the trading world of seminars, books, classes, and other … More Welcome!