Challenging Times

Hi Traders, Well time has gotten away from me and it’s been a while since I’ve written! I suppose I have been somewhat in hibernation like some of you.  These are certainly different times, strange and filled with surprises. As I’ve talked with clients and friends these last few months, I’ve noticed the variety of experiences people are … More Challenging Times

The One Factor that Crushes Traders’ Success

Let’s talk about tracking your trades. . . Most traders know that this is a good daily practice, although they don’t do it. When we think about tracking trades, it often includes recording entry and exit, profit and loss, and other “technical” stats. When working with traders, I encourage them to also track feedback related … More The One Factor that Crushes Traders’ Success

Fasten Your Seatbelt

So traders, what becomes most important now in this heightened market volatility? One answer might be stepping back from taking trades if you’re not feeling comfortable with your ability in this volatility. Another answer might be making sure that you have a plan, that’s well thought out and works, and one that you can follow. … More Fasten Your Seatbelt

Could Your Emotions Be Controlling Your Trading?

Are you creating the trading success you desire? If not, it’s possible your emotions are getting in the way. Here are five signs your emotions may have run amuck! 1. It’s ground hog day. It’s Monday morning and you are starting “fresh” this week! You swear you won’t make the same mistakes you made last … More Could Your Emotions Be Controlling Your Trading?

Hidden Secrets for Trading Success Interview

Are you wondering what sets apart a successful trader from all the rest? This was the topic of my recent interview with Talking Trading. I explain why traders need to scrutinize themselves as much as the markets. To learn more about the hidden secrets to trading success, listen to the interview here Talking Trading is … More Hidden Secrets for Trading Success Interview

Are We There Yet?

It never fails. Five minutes into a car ride kids always seem to ask, “are we there yet”. And then they ask again, five minutes later. It doesn’t matter if the journey is 15 minutes or two hours. “Are we there yet” is on replay. They might not even know how to tell time or … More Are We There Yet?

Are You Losing It?

Many traders intellectually understand how setting and adhering to trade limits is sound trading strategy. However, when confronted with the inevitable, an actual trading loss, they totally lose all reason and don’t get out of the trade. So, why can’t some traders take the loss? What’s behind this self-sabotage? The belief that one might be … More Are You Losing It?

Keep Calm and Trade On

Have you ever found yourself uptight, anxious, and tense while trading–even in the middle of a winning or neutral trade It’s likely the result of a surge of stress hormones–adrenaline and cortisol. In my experience the source of the stress is not the trade, per se, it is what’s happening in your mind. The ideal … More Keep Calm and Trade On