Learning to Trade—The Right Approach

Whether you are a newbie to trading, or a veteran still struggling, here is a powerful, effective focus when learning to trade.

Like a Surgeon in Training

As you embark on the trading day, your focus should be on creating a Great Trader, not on making money. This is kind of like when a surgeon learns his trade. . . He puts in years of effort, lots of money on education, and a dedication to learn and excel.

He isn’t looking to make money during this time, but rather to invest in his excellence. When he is finished, he can create a great income from the “Surgeon” he has created.

Your Focus

Focus on creating yourself as a great trader, rather than trading to take money out of the market. Not yet anyway. As you learn to trade, you are NOT looking for money.

You ARE looking to learn the skills, the discipline, the consistency, the tools, and most importantly, the self mastery.

Becoming the Master Trader

Once you learn this, you become the Master Trader—and then you can generate money from the market. The more skilled you become, the more you can depend on trading to provide an income.

Becoming the Master Trader is the ideal scenario for all of us traders.

The Real World. . .

But, this isn’t the real-world path that most traders take. Typically, we enter this field to make money–and make it right away! We want the dream of freedom, unlimited gains, and the lifestyle that goes with it. It’s human instinct–our greed and fear kicking in.

But, chasing money usually leads to disastrous results and sometimes to the loss of your account.

This concept is one of the biggest lessons I instill in my trading clients. Really “getting” this concept creates an important shift in how you view and interact with the market, and ultimately in the results you attain. It also switches much of your focus from the market, onto YOU, as trader.

What Is Your Focus?

If you are not having success trading, try this approach! Think about your focus–are you out to make money, or honestly, to excel as a trader? If it is the latter, what can you do to fix this? I offer a free consultation to help you start this perspective shift if that is of interest. Contact me to schedule yours.

Good luck, I hope this helps, and I look forward to connecting with you.

Wishing You Awareness,

Andrea Wylan, MPH, CPCC
Trader Coach

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