Are You Okay?

I’ve worked with hundreds of traders and have heard this phrase said, “as soon as I start making money, I’ll be okay” countless times.

Are you okay?

I am asking because as traders we seem to have it backwards. We think that when we are successful in the market, we will be okay. It doesn’t work that way. The reverse is true. It is only when we are okay, that we are able to make money.

For example, my client Jack kept focusing on the relief he’d feel when he hit a daily trading profit goal. When he didn’t hit the mark, he got angry and impatient. The cycle of yearning to make money and anger when it didn’t happen only made things worse. He kept making mistakes and the losses really started adding up. After uncovering and working on the root of his anger, Jack was able to bring a new mindset to trading and turn things around.

You might not be angry like Jack, but your mindset has a huge impact on your ability to capitalize on the market. Focusing on what really makes you okay (hint, it’s not money) can have a huge impact on your trading success.

Are you ready to be okay? Email me to schedule your session today.

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