Keep Calm and Trade On

Have you ever found yourself uptight, anxious, and tense while trading–even in the middle of a winning or neutral trade

It’s likely the result of a surge of stress hormones–adrenaline and cortisol. In my experience the source of the stress is not the trade, per se, it is what’s happening in your mind.

The ideal trading mindset is one of calm detachment. After developing a trading plan, finding success in the simulator and going live with real money, the profits are supposed to pile up. So why does everything fall apart?

Because we get caught up in our reactions.

As a mindset mentor, I am trained to see how experiences in your life may be impacting trades. I teach my clients to notice how their bodies feel when they are reacting to an experience-both while trading and in their everyday life.

One of my clients was able to make a clear (and surprising) connection between how he was feeling around his brother and how he was trading. It was basically the same reaction. He realized that if he was able to learn to be calm around his brother (i.e. not get swept away by his reactions), he would be able to learn to be calm while trading, also.

It is possible to be emotionally calm while trading. The challenge is to notice your reactions and then pause. You do not have to react. Another option is available. Wait for the calm and then trade on.

Are you ready to master your mindset and turn your trading around? Email me to schedule a complimentary Turn Your Trading Around discovery call.

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