How Do You See the Market?

Still struggling to be profitable? The trouble may be the way you view the market. Or, the “relationship” you have with it (how you relate to it).

“Relationship with the market?” you ask. . . Yes! It makes a difference how you see it! Friendly, fun, evil, unfair, etc. Let’s take a look. In my coaching work with, “David,” this topic came up. For him, it turned out, that the market is “deceptive, unreliable, and a large beast”!

He had no awareness of his view of the market. But as it became clear, he shouted, “That’s my father!” referring to the beast, the deception, etc. He was trading against his father, with whom he’d had an abusive relationship.

No wonder he was struggling! The market was not neutral for him. This created a skewed, angry, reactive, anxious perspective inside him. It inflamed revenge trading, etc. Conversely, when trading on the simulator, “Dad” was no where to be found. In fact, then he perceived the market as “fun” and as a game, and his trading was exceptional.

When you enter trades with a skewed perspective-you are not going to be calm. You are more likely to be defensive, prepared for battle, reactive, scared, etc. This isn’t what you want! You want calm. Then you can do your job, make your money, and get out. If you are unconsciously projecting meaning onto the market, you are complicating and polluting your trades.

“Heather,” another trader, saw the market as an outlaw! I know this sounds strange, but for her it meant when trading that she faced a lawless market, one with no rules and very out of control. As all rules were “broken,” it was an unsafe, chaotic place.

We changed her perspective to one where the market has boundaries and structure (which includes following a trading plan). As the market became safe for her, she was excited to trade and felt more in control.

Newsflash! The market is neutral.

It is the trader who makes it into something else. And, however you see the market, it is affecting you. So I invite you to take a moment and explore this for yourself.

What is your relationship with the market?

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