Are You A Sharp Shooter?

Have you ever been hunting?  As an animal lover, it’s not a sport that I am personally interested in trying.  Whatever your point of view on the pursuit, traders looking to improve results may want to learn some tips from how hunters set themselves up to take the perfect shot.

The “winners” in hunting know that it’s not about the chase.  The search for prey is more of a sit.  Sure, you need to know what you’re doing and have the proper equipment.  But then it’s go to the habitat, and hurry up and wait.

Successful hunters get in position, patiently wait, and let the animal come to them.  They create the situation that will enable them to take the perfect shot.

Traders, especially those who have transitioned from traditional careers, tend to measure success by activity–charts, indicators, and taking lots of trades.  This bustle of busyness may have us think we are “working hard” but often just creates a lot of noise. And, all this activity is not beneficial when hunting big game–or the perfect trade.

A hunter who shoots around in the woods will hit a lot of trees, but he will also go hungry.  Traders need to spend some time observing the market.  Being patient. Trusting that you are prepared.  Allowing the perfect trade to come to you and then taking your best shot.

If the trophy of the perfect trade is eluding you, contact me to schedule a complimentary call.  Maybe I can help.

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