Challenging Times

Hi Traders, 
Well time has gotten away from me and it’s been a while since I’ve written! I suppose I have been somewhat in hibernation like some of you. 

These are certainly different times, strange and filled with surprises. As I’ve talked with clients and friends these last few months, I’ve noticed the variety of experiences people are having. 

For example, some are finding peace being at home, slowing down, and connecting more with family. Others are experiencing different forms of stress in more amplified ways and are really being challenged. 

I hope this message finds you in a good space. The world is changing so quickly and so drastically that it tends to be unnerving on many, even if we’re not 100% aware of it. It is a good time for self reflection and growth. So much is being stirred up and if you are able to give yourself time to acknowledge and be with these feelings/experiences, some powerful shifts can result. 

As a trader coach, I talk about the need to have consistency, calm, and support in your home life. And, that you can start your journey into the market daily with calm, preparation, and clarity. With the current volatility and rapidly changing world, many have reported that it’s harder to find this stability. 

If you’re having challenges, goals or desires that are not yet fulfilled, or you are stuck or blocked, try working with me. Having an experienced, effective coach on the outside who is neutral, objective, and perceptive can make a huge difference in your progress toward goals.

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Today I am offering a special on my coaching–30% off your first month. Just sign up by July 31st. If you’ve been thinking about working with me but haven’t taken the plunge, now is the time.

Get support to turn your trading around. Or, for business or personal related challenges, coaching can support you as well. For 20 years I have helped clients achieve breakthroughs! 

Call me and we can set it up. 

Pace yourself through this time. For some of us this is not be the best time to trade. For others, it absolutely is. Think about it carefully and choose wisely. It’s not a time to be pressuring yourself but really honoring yourself. 

Happy Trading,


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