Meditation, Does it Help?

Hi Traders,

Have you wondered, “does meditation help my trading?”
In our endless search as traders for the secret tools that can help us be successful, meditation is commonly turned to. The question is, does it help?

My opinion on this…it certainly does not hurt. The more you do it consistently, the more benefit you will receive. Just like going to the gym or starting a new, healthier diet. It becomes a habit and it starts to help you change your lifestyle. And from there, you see results.

Is it enough? Probably not. Meditation is going to help you quiet the mind, help you somewhat with discipline, with clarity, and with raising your awareness about yourself. 

This is a great step in the right direction, but in my experience certainly not enough to get a trader to the place he really wants to be. . i.e. peaceful, calm, and at choice about being able to follow his trading plan.

Meditation is like sandpaper–it can work at smoothing out the surface.  And, it can certainly be helpful as a tool to do so. 

In my experience, working with traders and helping them get to the core of the challenges that they face, deeper and more profound work is needed. This is where we really delve into what happened in someone’s past and how is it showing up and affecting their trades in the present.

Some of this information certainly might come out spontaneously during meditation, but that is rare. To have someone on the outside who is objective and who can ask the right questions helps you get more quickly to the core of the challenges that you face as a trader. Then it’s like using a drill or a saw instead of sandpaper. . . to follow up on that analogy!

So, absolutely yes… try meditation if you haven’t already. Work on developing it as a tool. Try different types and see what resonates with you. If your trading is still not to the level of success that you want, consider working with a coach like myself.  

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Happy Trading,


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