How to Tell if You Need to Hire a Coach?

Hi Traders, today is an opportunity to ask yourself whether or not you need a trading coach.

Are there areas where you are stuck . . . blocks you can’t seem to get past? For example, can you trade successfully for a month and create a good income, only to lose it all in a bad day of trading where you lose control? Or, can you trade well all morning, make a good income and the lose it in the afternoon. Even after seeing the pattern and telling yourself, “I won’t trade past Noon, EST.” but then can’t seem to help yourself?

There are so many examples of good traders, who can see the possibility of being consistently profitable, but who have blocks, habits, or ways to sabotage themselves and end up giving profits back. Sometimes they lose money as anger, revenge, throwing caution to the wind, etc. take over.

If these scenarios, or one similar describes you, then it might be time to hire a coach.

A good coach will:

–Help uncover what is in your way. This is different for everyone.

–Help you gain clarity on what you desire from trading and create a detailed plan.

–Be side-by-side with you on the journey of discovery of blocks, tools to clear them, resistance, etc. and provides support, clarity, and accountability. (Just like top athletes and executives work with coaches to help excel to their best, you can use a coach to create your highest probability of success.)

–Uncover and discover together the effects of your past experiences, trauma’s, hidden beliefs, unconscious programming and the like that can take over control and influence you without your knowledge.

–Encourage, support, and celebrate what is going well, and teach you how to do that for yourself.

Coaching can be a big leg up toward your success. Given that the trading industry has 90% or so failure rate, and only a 10% rate of success, ask yourself if it is worth putting all odds in your favor. Especially if trading is something for which you have passion and genuinely want to succeed.

Some traders I work with conclude that trading isn’t for them. Some have gone on to start a business or to follow a long-held passion, for example, to become an artist. I see that result of clarity as a positive outcome, too.

Many clients go on to be consistently profitable traders. How long do they work with me? Three months was the shortest coaching relationship who became successful, others for a year or two. They work with me for as long as it serves them.

If this content and results strikes a chord with you, reach out to me and schedule a Discovery Session. It is free, private, and an opportunity to see if coaching is for you.

To learn more about the Discovery Session, watch this video.

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