About Author

This is me, a few years ago! My name is Andrea and I live in San Diego, California. Originally from the Boston area, I have been in California now for 23 years. I work as a trader coach and as a day trader myself. My hobbies include going to the beach, socializing with friends, movies, reading, researching current events, and working out.

My background

I became interested in coaching after working in the software industry as a department manager for technical writers. I naturally “coached” members of my team, asking them what they wanted, putting them into leadership roles, and encouraging their growth. Years later, many of them entered management themselves. Something for which I was proud, thinking that I may have had something to do with it!

In 1994 I was laid off, and ventured out onto my own as a consultant. They say a good manager should “work themselves out of a job,” and I guess that is what I did! Soon thereafter, I learned about the field of coaching, just really getting started then. I enrolled in training with CTI (The Coaches Training Institute), got certified as a coach, and was on my way.

Through the years, I have coached all sorts of people on business and personal life issues. At the start, I was also consulting to pay the bills. In 2002, I was lucky enough to get into real estate investing, and ride the California real estate bubble for a few years. Finally, in 2007 I started trading, after completing many courses at OTA (Online Trading Academy). Three years later, I have learned alot, lost money, and am finally feeling like a “trader”.

Coaching Traders

I am so excited now to be “putting it all together” and launching my business in the direction of coaching traders. I was able to see first hand, through my own trading experience, how needed coaches and mentors are in this field. Since 90% of the battle for success as a trader is psychological (and that is what I have helped many of my clients with) it was a no brainer for me to switch the focus on my coaching practice to work with traders.

Starting this Blog . . .

As a writer, coach, and trader, I am thrilled to be putting together all my skills and background into creating and writing this blog. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and client experiences with you, in service to your trading success. I look forward to gaining your trust as a coach, and assist you with your trading path.

Should you desire to work with a coach, or even just to try coaching, feel free to contact me for a consultation. In the meanwhile, please send in questions and comments, and I will do my best to supply helpful answers.

May we all discover our enlightened trader so we can trade our plans (as planned) and get out of our own way!

Wishing You Awareness,

Andrea Wylan, MPH, CPCC
Trader Coach

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Listen to our interview with Ron Harrison and myself, on his radio show, “The Other Side of Wall Street,” June 13th. Its a great discussion on the importance of your mindset, as a trader!

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