Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Creating Enlightened Traders blog!

I have created this blog to assist you with the “inner game” of trading (the psychology). Through posts, questions, and stories, you can learn about your psychology, mindset, and beliefs affecting your trading.

Enlightenment, a key to trading success

It seems in the trading world of seminars, books, classes, and other educational information, that the main focus is learning about charts, strategies, platforms, systems, and so on. These are all important to master, no doubt. However, you can use the best of the best tools and information, and be a losing trader– if your inner thinking is sabotaging you.

So, in my mind, an enlightened trader is one who is self aware, and has used their awareness to stop sabotaging themself.

Have you struggled long enough?

Trading is one of the hardest professions to get right. If you’ve traded for any length of time, you have probably experienced this. Why is this? I believe it is for no other reason than the subconscious activity that goes on in our head while we trade. If you are not self-aware, chances are you are subconsciously self sabotaging, and your likelihood of success is limited.

The blog will share examples of real traders and experiences, and how they came to see their mental patterns, to be able to change them.  I believe this is the most important aspect of trading.

Help is available!

I hope to lend support to traders in cleaning up your mindset so you can be free to trade your plan and your strategy, with success. Awareness is the first step. Some of you can come to awareness by reading books, journaling, self reflection, talking with a spouse, and so forth. Many of us, however, can greatly benefit from the objective observation of a coach or other support outside ourselves.

That is my role as a trader coach. Specifically, I assist you in:

  1. identifying where you are stuck–the unconscious places.
  2. gaining a clear vision of what you really want for your trading career.
  3. achieving your vision for trading through numerous coaching tools and techniques.

I look forward to sharing stories, ideas, and encouragement, and hope. Feel free to send questions and if you are considering hiring a trading coach, I am happy to talk with you.

Wishing you enlightened trading,

Andrea Wylan, MPH, CPCC
Trader Coach

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Listen to our interview with Ron Harrison and myself, on his radio show, “The Other Side of Wall Street,” June 13th. Its a great discussion on the importance of your mindset, as a trader!

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